What to Expect: New Patient Consultation


Setting up your first new patient exam with an Orthodontist can be an exciting and sometimes stressful experience. But there’s no need to fear. I’m going to walk you through the entire experience from walking in the front door to scheduling your next appointment to hopefully ease your mind about the entire process.

Step 1: Walk in the door. This will be the hardest part of your whole experience. Once you have set up your appointment and made it into the building our welcoming staff will get the ball rolling  with some brief paperwork.

Step 2: Photos and Xray. Once the Treatment Coordinator has been informed you are are finished with your paper work and ready to begin, she will call the patient back to the X-ray room where to will have a panorex (or full mouth X-ray) taken along with some photos of your teeth. Both of these steps are not painful and only require you to stand still for a short period of time. A panorex allows the Orthodontist to see where the root of each tooth is which helps him come up with a treatment plan specifically for you.

Fun Fact: wisdom teeth and teeth that have not erupted yet can be seen on a panorex too.


Step 3: Consult with Orthodontist. The treatment coordinator will lead you to a room with a dental chair and extra chairs for parents or family members who come to the appointment. After the Dr has taken time to look over your records and make a treatment plan (if necessary) he will come in the room to go over it. This is the time to ask any questions about treatment you may have.

Step 4: Financial Consult. Once you are comfortable with your treatment options the Treatment Coordinator will go over multiple financing options that you will be able to go home with.

The whole New Patient Consultation appointment will last about an hour and should leave you feeling confident about your options.




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