What are Braces?

We are emBRACing the basics with today’s word of the day: BRACE.

BRACE is defined as device that clamps things tightly together or that gives support.


BRACES are just that for your teeth. Individual BRACES are (temporarily) cemented to each tooth by an orthodontist. There are three main components of each orthodontic BRACE:

  • Base: flat surface that sits on the tooth
  • Slot: opening in the middle where the wire sits
  • Wings: four arms that hold the tie that keeps the wire in place


BRACES come in two color choices silver or clear. Silver braces are easily recognizable and used my the majority of patients. Clear braces offer a more attractive option and usually cannot be seen in pictures of patients wearing them.


Braces have come far in the past decades are more comfortable and attractive than ever. There’s no need to dread the pain and suffering of getting orthodontic treatment anymore!